Renault Ondelios Concept Car

Renault Ondelios Concept 1

The Renault Ondelios concept is the manufacturers interpretation of a high end crossover utility vehicle for the future. It offers up to 6 seats, with a body style somewhere in between conventional estate, people carrier and 4×4, and helps Renault address the thorny issue that most French manufacturers have in building executive cars – they don’t sell as they don’t have a German luxury badge on the nose. the Ondelios displays an alternate route the manufacturer could take to avoid competing head on with the likes of BMW etc.

Renault Ondelios Concept 2

The Renault features huge full body length gullwing doors giving a massive side opening making it easy for passengers to get in and out, it has a carbon fibre body to lower weight, and a diesel hybrid engine for better fuel economy with 2 electric motors – one at each axle.

Renault Ondelios Concept 3

Renault’s design director, Patric Le Quement said “We think of it as made from a single material, where the body and glazed areas merge into one. Ondelios is a glimpse of what the automobile might be in the medium term future.” unfortunately with expensive items like carbon fibre and gullwing doors, the Ondelios is never likely to get even remotely close to making production.

Renault Ondelios Concept Interior

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